FLASHPOINT All-in-One Portable Flatbed Scanner With Preview LCD All-in-One $100 (Expired)

FLASHPOINT All-in-One Portable Flatbed Scanner with Preview LCD All-in-One $100 Click here to see the deal now


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Adorama.com offers FLASHPOINT All-in-One Portable Flatbed Scanner with Preview LCD All-in-One for only $100.  That is 28% less than the listed price ($140).  See the detail below.

Description from Adorama.com

This Flashpoint Al-In-One is an innovative stand alone film scanner that instantly converts 35mm film negatives, slides and photo prints into digital images without the need for a computer or software. Now you can preserve all their photo memories by turning your photos, slides and negatives into digital images to preserve them forever.

We have created a very simple-to-use device that works right out of the box and produces a 14-megapixel digital image in five seconds at a push of a button. The device features a 14mega pixels scanning chip with 4000 dpi max. producing the images large enough to be printed on a A4 page!

Unlike similar devices currently on the market, this Scanner does not require a computer software program, and it takes very little space to operate, store or transport.

  • 14MP CMOS sensor provides 12 bits per color channel for data conversion, and uses fixed focus and automatic exposure control and color balance, resulting in clear digital images without the loss of resolution
  • Better, faster and easier to use than any conventional scanner
  • Built-in 2.4-inch color LCD screen to view and edit images
  • Capture prints up to 5″x7″ and 35mm slides or negative films
  • Connects to USB-enabled PC for data transfer and power + TV out feature (A/V Cable included)
  • Converts your photo prints, name cards, slides and negative films to digital images
  • Each negative or slide takes less than a second to scan and download into a digital file to print, copy to CD or store.
  • Ideal for safeguarding images from weddings, holidays and treasured family moments.
  • No warm-up, calibration, or scan head pass needed
  • Saves images directly on memory cards (Support SD/MMC)
  • Scans images and provides super sharp, high resolution images up to 4,000 dpi and uses 4 white LED’s as a back light source
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